"My name is Irene Weaver and I am a Nurse Corps Officer in the Reserves.  Dr. Marilyn, I just want to tell you what a FABULOUS book!  I was intrigued from the first sentence to the final sentence of your book.  Great job! I plan on bringing this up to the Navy Nurses here in the area of Newport. I commend you for writing this book and the story of a very brave nurse who changed the focus of WWI. Thank you for writing this book."  


~R/Irene K. Weaver, CAPT, NC, USN

Senior Nurse Executive for the National Nurse Reserves

Washington, DC

"I just finished your book on Edith Cavell.  It was excellent.  I have not enjoyed such a good book in a long time.  The use of a novel approach to tell her story brought Edith Cavell to life as a caring and compassionate nurse and citizen.  I was so impressed with the leadership that she demonstrated.  I am currently teaching a nursing leadership class to RN-BS students and highly recommended your book to the students.  I pointed out various aspects of her leadership which are so crucial to nurses in our current healthcare setting.  I would love to attend one of your talks and book signings!"

Marilyn Asselin, PhD. RN-BC

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, U Mass Dartmouth

"I don't recall reading that much regarding Florence Nightingale but I did read several times the books about Edith Cavell.  I agree, many of our colleagues and definitely most of my students have never heard of her.  When I talk to them about the history of being a patient advocate, Edith Cavell stands as one of the leaders.  Not to disrespect the work done by Florence, Edith in her own way and by giving her own life typified what patient advocacy is all about."                 

 Marie Garrison, EN, Nursing Instructor

"Dearest Friend Terri,  Namaste !
There are some stories that arouse a trifle interest and there are some stories that blows our mind away. The way you have presented the narrated the story of Edith Cavell blew my mind away. Something inside me changed forever. I was so inspired, I wrote a letter to my subscribers (about 250,000 subscribers) covering your heroine Edith Cavell. I have received some overwhelming comments that you can read on our website. You can use these comments any way you deem fit.
Thanks for all your efforts. I have read long time ago, either I should live a life worth writing or I should write something worth reading. I do not know you enough to comment on the first part of the quote. I believe you have already LIVED the second part of the quote. Wishing you all the best forever."

With prayers and love, 

Naren  (from India)

"Hi Terri, I finished reading Edith on Sunday.  It was great. I want to buy 3 copies.  I have told friends about it and they are dying to read it.  I would almost begin with Merry Christmas.... but there is a bigger issue here.  My brother in law just called me at 9:30 PM.  Probably the 3rd time he has ever called.  I keep in touch, but he does not pick up the phone very often.. He called to tell me that he picked up your book yesterday... and he is 2/3 through it. I had mailed it to him a few weeks ago. He is a raving fan... He seldom praises anyone or any thing.  He says your book is one of the best he has ever read...(I have goose bumps as I write this.)  He is an avid reader and probably buys more books than anyone I know.. and reads them too. He said your writing style is excellent that you keep the chapters to the point and move the story along.  Well, I loved the book, but for a curmudgeon like Bill to be so enthusiastic!! He said.. You really know this writer? I saw your name in the front of the book. He said he remembers Edith being mentioned when he was in grade school as there was great pressure before the US entered WWI to build sentiment against the Germans and one of the stories that he heard in school was about how they treated Edith Cavell."    

Evie Bain, RN, BS, MS,



"Dear Terri, we are reading your book in our book club; we are fascinated by it and by what you accomplished. I am so happy for you that it came out so wonderfully! We would like you to come to one of the meetings of the book club to talk about the book…and Edith…and your “time” with her. If you agree it would probably be in the spring because 2 of our members who are now in Florida want to be there."

Francoise, Rocher, RN

"Oh...I hope it's a true story because I love it!! Swore at you though at 3:30am!"

Amy Cabral, RN, BS

"Got excited this Sunday AM reading my Cape Cod Times and seeing your book on the cover of BOOKS Section. I am a 70 yr. Old Gentleman who remembers fondly story of “Sister Edith Cavell” told to me by my Gram and Mam when I was just a wee lad. They and my four Aunties came from Keighley, Yorkshire, England. My Par (grandfather) was in the war stationed in Egypt as were my Grams two brothers who unfortunately were killed two days apart from each other. But back to Sister Cavell…..my Gram and her daughters were members of a ladies lodge of other English women (in total about 60 to 75 women) who every other Thursday would put on long white dresses and white shoes and meet in honor of sister Cavell And have meetings to raise money and other necessities to send “home” to those in need in nurse Cavell’s Name and memory. I still see in my mind my Gram standing on our green, green lawn in her white long dress with her red hair gently blowing. Those were the good old days when people helped each other in whatever way they could. Thanks for giving me back that wonderful memory. Will be buying your book next time I get to Barnes and Nobles in Hyannis, Ma. I live in Provincetown, Ma. A good 45 minutes away from Hyannis. Thanks again for writing about “Sister Edith Cavell.”


"I just finished reading your book and had to write to you. I am also a nurse, volunteering with the Red Cross for the last ten years. I am part of the Pioneer Valley Chapter in Springfield. Ma. The book was so informative on so many levels. You know I lived in London for a while and remembering seeing her statue. NOW, I understand the signification of her statue. When I visit next time, I will reflect with awe of her accomplishments. What an inspiration! Thank you for bringing her story and the Red Cross to a whole new meaning."

With thanks, 

Charlene Cutler

"I have been inspired by only two books. The Bible and your book "Fatal Decision: Edith Cavell WWI Nurse." It is by far the best book I have ever read! I want everyone to read this book. Please send me 13 more. I want to distribute them to ever high ranking Salvation Army officer I know, including those who are in command of the international services of 124 countries. Thank you for writing this. I don't know how you did it." 


Maggie Morrison

Retired Core Officer of the Salvation Army in PA.