About Terri

Haunted by the images on a set of vintage postcards, Terri Arthur set about

learning more about the life and death of a British nurse, Edith Cavell. A nurse herself, Arthur was surprised to learn that none of her nursing colleagues were familiar with Cavell’s amazing story or knew how it had influenced World War I. Arthur also discovered that none of the books about Cavell had been written by a nurse and felt strongly that as a nurse, she could throw fresh light on the life and career of this extraordinary woman.


After two years of research, which included visits to Belgium and the United Kingdom, she wrote “The Life and Death of Edith Cavell, English Emergency Nurse Known as `The Other Nightingale,’” which was published in the Journal of Emergency Nursing in February 2006. Encouraged by the interest readers expressed in the article, Arthur followed up with this book, a novel based on Cavell’s heroic career.


Born in New York, Arthur, is a long-time resident of Massachusetts and has served as a nurse in hospitals on Martha’s Vineyard, Plymouth, and Cape Cod. She is also a volunteer for the American Red Cross. In addition to her nursing, she holds a BS in Education and Biology, and an MSM in Health Business Management. Also an entrepreneur, Arthur created and manages Medical Education Systems, Inc. a business that provides continuing education to nurses, doctors, and medical personnel.

Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare and the International Nurses Association are proud to announce that Terri Arthur, RN, BS, MS, is being honored for her exceptional successes in the nursing community.  With many years in the industry, Terri has demonstrated the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm for patient care necessary to be considered a Top Nurse in her field.